Why Did Kim Kardashian Give Birth To Her Baby Girl So Early?
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Why Did Kim Kardashian Give Birth To Her Baby Girl So Early?

We were all caught off guard when Kim Kardashian went into labor on June 14 and had her baby daughter the following day, and that’s because the wee one arrived a whopping five weeks early! She weighed only five pounds but is reportedly doing fine. But what caused Kim to go into labor so early?

Apparently, Kim’s premature delivery was due to “medical complications,” reports RadarOnline. Kim had been treated for an incredibly painful infection earlier in her pregnancy, the site reports, and she had been closely monitored ever since.

“She was admitted with medical complications and her doctor made the decision that her baby needed to be delivered. Kim had a natural birth,” a source told People.com. “If Kim would have had very serious complications, her doctor would have decided to do an emergency c-section instead.”

While there’s no word on exactly what these complications were, we’re glad that they didn’t force Kim to have an emergency c-section, and that wee Baby Kimye is doing well. We're also glad that Kim had a top notch medical team looking out for her. Just saying the words "medical complications" about a pregnancy is super scary, so it's a relief that mama and baby (and excited daddy Kanye West!) are all doing well. Whew!

Source: Radar Online, People.com