Why Kree Harrison Lost American Idol 2013!

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Why Kree Harrison Lost American Idol 2013!

One can never really do anything but speculate on why someone wins and why someone loses on American Idol, and now that the season 12 winner has been named as Candice Glover, you might be wondering why did Kree Harrison lose?

Our frontrunner went between Kree and Angie Miller most of the season. In fact, the one week that none of the American Idol judges except for Mariah Carey put Candice in their ideal Top Three, she hadn’t even been on our radar to ever make the finale. Fast forward to that next week when she performed Adele’s “Lovesong” and “Don’t Make Me Over,” and things shifted in a huge way. Not only did we take notice, but we realized that she could easily win it all.

Just around this time, it seemed that Kree was losing steam. She mentioned having a pinched nerve after her Janis Joplin performance, but in the weeks following, she couldn’t quite get the passion back she’d had when she first performed “Up To The Mountain.”

Kree didn’t quite regain it until the recent performance of “Here Comes Goodbye” and, although that was stunningly beautiful, the Candice writing was already on the wall.

We think this future country queen will have a super long career in music, but Candice’s vocals just could not be matched by anyone this season...or possibly anyone in any other season of American Idol!

What do you think? Why did Kree Harrison lose on American Idol?

05.17.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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