Why Are Lazaro Arbos and Amber Holcomb Topless on Vine?
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American Idol

Why Are Lazaro Arbos and Amber Holcomb Topless on Vine?

American Idol has become known for its *generally* wholesome fun, but apparently some of the season 12 hopefuls are having a bit of a raucous time while on tour this summer. If the six-second Vine video that Lazaro Arbos and Amber Holcomb posted of them singing and goofing off in a hotel rooms sans shirts (yes, both of them!) is any indication, the wholesome wheels may have fallen off the wagon.

We have so many questions and, yet, so little time. Why? Just why? Why them? Where is Burnell Taylor and what does he think of supposed girlfriend Amber’s behavior? Is this a publicity stunt? It’s just so...strange, particularly because you can almost see Amber’s – er – parts.

As anyone who wasn’t caught under a rock knows, Instagram just launched their own video sharing app that allows for 15 seconds of footage. Let’s just say we’re glad the Laz/Amber video was on Vine. Thank God for small (and short) favors.

What do you think of this Vine video?

Source: MJs Big Blog

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