Here’s Why Liam Hemsworth Would Be Perfect For Nina Dobrev
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Nina Dobrev

Here’s Why Liam Hemsworth Would Be Perfect For Nina Dobrev

When it comes to men, Nina Dobrev has a type. So, we weren’t surprised to find this Vampire Diaries starlet getting cozy with Liam Hemsworth. The 24-year-old Hunger Games fits all of her criteria! From his baby blue eyes, to his casual style, and active lifestyle, Liam Hemsworth would be a perfect match for the 25-year-old.

Don’t believe us? Let’s take an in-depth look through Nina’s little black book, and see how Liam stacks up.

Blue Eyes

Here’s Why Liam Hemsworth Would Be Perfect For Nina Dobrev
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Whether she’ll admit or not, any look through Nina’s dating history will reveal that the TVD starlet has a thing for guys with baby blues. Her ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder is known for his captivating blue eyes, and all of her former flames boast them as well — from Dancing With the Stars pro Derek Hough, to Degrassi stars Daniel Clark and Evan Williams. See, Liam? You’re in good company!

Casual Style

Here’s Why Liam Hemsworth Would Be Perfect For Nina Dobrev
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Back in September 2013, Nina told Cosmopolitan that when it comes to her man, she likes a guy who has a casual style. “A man in a suit looking put together and dapper is very attractive, but I also kind of like the I-just-rolled-out-of-bed, a-little-bit-of-scruff, effortless, not-trying-hard-but-still-sexy guy,” she said. “If a guy spends more time looking in the mirror than I do, that’s problem!” After all, Nina is a bit of tomboy, so she can’t be with a high maintenance guy who clashes with her casual style.

Ian Somerhalder has perfected the “I woke up like this (flawless)” look. Sure, he cleans up well, but the Vampire Diaries star is more likely to wear a t-shirt and jeans — and his signature fedora, of course — than a button-down and chinos. Her ex Daniel Clark, known for playing bad boy Sean Cameron on the Canadian teen series Degrassi, also rocks a casual style, from hoodies to graphic t-shirts. And then there's DWTS pro Derek Hough, who spends so much time in the dance rehearsal studio that he practically lives in comfortable clothes and sneakers.

When it comes to Liam, the Aussie’s personal style seems to fit the bill. When Liam was promoting The Hunger Games in the Philippines back in 2013, he told local journalists, “My style is pretty simple and pretty casual, and their stuff is simple and casual.” This would explain why Liam was spotted in a white t-shirt and jeans when he and Nina were photographed out and about in Atlanta. It was a perfect match to Nina’s plaid shirt and ripped jeans!

Active Lifestyle

Here’s Why Liam Hemsworth Would Be Perfect For Nina Dobrev
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Nina lives an active lifestyle. As an avid yogi, Nina’s dream is own her own yoga studio. But when she’s not in downward dog, this thrill-seeker loves to snowboard, wakeboard, and rock climb, so she needs a guy who can keep up.

Ian Somerhalder, a true outdoorsman, told the Humane Society back in 2012 that his ideal weekend would consist of “horseback riding, camping, running around, and swimming in bayous.” Meanwhile, Derek Hough is not only an Emmy-winner choreographer and dancer, but he and Nina love to hit the slopes.

Before he was acting, Liam was just another Aussie surfer boy, and he still loves to hit the beach any chance he gets. You know what they say: you can take the boy out of the surf, but you can’t take the surfer out of the boy. Maybe he could even teach Nina how to ride some waves! Now, that's our idea of a fun date.

What do you think of our observations? Would Liam be a perfect match for Nina? Sound off in the comments!

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