Why Wasn’t Kailyn Lowry’s Mom Invited To Her Wedding? (VIDEO)
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Kailyn Lowry

Why Wasn’t Kailyn Lowry’s Mom Invited To Her Wedding? (VIDEO)

Most fans of Teen Mom 2 know that Kailyn Lowry has a pretty rough relationship with her mom, Suzi. These two haven't spoken for more than two years thanks to Suzi's substance abuse issues, so it goes without saying that she wasn't invited to Kailyn's wedding to Javi Marroquin. However, this doesn't mean the decision not to invite Suzi wasn't an emotional one!

Kailyn broke down about her relationship with Suzi during this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, and she took it to MTV's After Show to dish on her feelings.

"I was pretty firm on my decision not inviting her," Kailyn said. "I feel like for her, the more she misses out on the more she'll want to change or get healthy. But it's not really working."

Javi pushed for Kailyn to invite Suzi, but she stuck to her guns. "It's not that I didn't want her there, I would have loved to have her there. But under the circumstances of how things were I didn't think that it was in my best interests," Kailyn explained. "I still want her to get better, I still want her to get healthy. I want her to be there for me."

Kailyn seems to have softened her feelings toward her mom in the past year — despite the fact that Suzi didn't score an invite to the wedding. Back in 2012, Kail told Wetpaint Entertainment that she had nothing but animosity for Suzi, saying "As brutal as it sounds, my mom is dead to me. I don't have any intentions of talking to her, reconciling, she's done nothing for me my entire life. Why would I want to give her a part of one of the most important times in my life?"

Hopefully, Kailyn's mom will work on her sobriety and eventually be able to develop a relationship with her daughter and grandchildren. Better late than never!

Source: MTV