Why Does Peter Thomas Want His Own Man Cave?
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Why Does Peter Thomas Want His Own Man Cave?

A few weeks ago on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Peter Thomas was growing tired of bickering constantly with his wife, Cynthia Bailey, so he floated the idea of getting his own man cave across town. Ya know, like a place where he could go to be alone with his thoughts when his marriage got too difficult and tense for him to handle.

Cynthia understandably rebuffed this proposal almost as soon as the words “man cave” left Peter’s lips, and we totally get why. Peter lives in a great house with his stunning wife, and there’s no reason for a married man like him to be running off to a place of his own whenever he feels like it.

When Wetpaint quizzed Viggle LIVE! users and asked why Peter wanted his own man cave, 89 percent of those who responded correctly answered that Peter was in the market for one so he could get away from his wife. Still, four percent of people thought Peter wanted his own place because he’s allergic to the family dog, and seven percent thought that Peter needed his own house because his current home is too small.

Peter rationalized getting a place of his own to “escape to save our marriage” so when he and Cynthia argue, he can go somewhere else and cool off. Because that makes a ton of sense.

We’re glad that Cynthia quickly put the kibosh on the man cave idea, though she has readily admitted that her marriage to Peter still needs work. You can say that again, girl!

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01.21.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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