X Factor 2013: Why Restless Road Will Win
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The X Factor

X Factor 2013: Why Restless Road Will Win

With just a month left until the X Factor two-part finale on December 18 and 19, there are already front runners in the race to win Season 3. At the head of the pack? Restless Road, a trio of handsome crooners who give a sexy country twang to some of music’s hottest pop numbers.

Why are we such big Roadies? Let us count the reasons. First, they bring something new to the entertainment table. A country boy band is such a brilliant idea we’re upset we didn’t cash in on it years ago. The concept combines two proven elements of success: boy bands and reality music stars who go country (coughCarrieUnderwoodcough). It’s the perfect recipe for music magic.

Second, the dudes. Restless Road is made up of three fellas we’d love to do-se-do with Zach Beeken, Colton Pack, and Andrew Scholz. Each lends his own homespun charm to the group while being able to belt out the high notes (or the low ones in Zach’s case).

And last but hardly least: Simon Cowell is all about this trio. The famously snarky Englishman may have questionable taste when it comes to fashion, but his musical choices are rarely wrong. Need an example? How about a little group known as One Direction, an X Factor concoction Simon also had a good feeling about that has gone on to conquer the entertainment world one hit single at a time. True, they didn’t win X Factor but they had something more important: Simon’s support.

We can hardly wait for the Restless Road 3D mega-movie.

What do you think? Does Restless Road have what it takes to win X Factor? Sound off in the comments below!

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