Why Was Glee’s Dianna Agron Teased in High School?
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Why Was Glee’s Dianna Agron Teased in High School?

We can’t imagine possibly complaining about the sound of Glee star Dianna Agron’s (Quinn) sultry, gravelly voice. However, not everyone else has always felt the same way.

Dianna attended Glamour magazine’s “These Girls” event on May 20, and the actress revealed that she was made fun of by middle school boys when she was 11 for having a deep voice. We find this to be ridiculous not that middle school boys are known for their wisdom in general.

Dianna says she was accidentally punched in the nose as a high school freshman and henceforth became known as “Bloody Nose Girl.” In other words, it sounds like Dianna has had some real-life experiences to rival Quinn’s “Lucy Caboosey” phase.

The actress also reveals that she spent her late-teen years wearing a perpetual smile, but during an acupuncturist visit one day, she made the decision to be more genuine. "I didn't have to feel as if I had to be everything," she says. "I was something. I was just me." Apparently, Dianna does her best thinking when she’s being poked with sharp needles.

Plus, a recent celebrity encounter reminded the Glee star of the importance of staying true to herself. "I met Jay-Z twice in one month," she says. "This is not normal." At one point, she greeted him with an unusual hand slap-slash-body slam, which she quickly apologized for. But Jay-Z didn’t feel the apology was needed.

"He said, 'Were you being you?'" Dianna remembers. She was, and he told her, "Okay, cool. Let's do it again." Wait. So Jay-Z is okay with people lightly body slamming him, as long as they mean it? Good to know.

Source: Huffington Post

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