Why Was Ingo Rademacher Voted Off Dancing With the Stars 2013?
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Why Was Ingo Rademacher Voted Off Dancing With the Stars 2013?

Shocker! OK, maybe not.

The only even slightly shocking thing about Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson going home on the Dancing With the Stars Season 16 Semifinals was … uh ... nope, can’t even come up with something slightly shocking. It’s no surprise that Ingo made it to Week 9 — he was a lovable General Hospital soap star paired with a beloved two-time champ, and he was a better performer and/or dancer than the celebs who left before him — but it’s also no surprise to see him leave at this point, since the top four are indeed the top four of the season. When Ingo & Kym got the lowest scores of the Week 9 Performance Show, it just sealed an already-inevitable fate.

Back on Week 2 we all pretty much targeted these four as the ones to beat:

Kellie Pickler & Derek Hough

Jacoby Jones & Karina Smirnoff

Zendaya Coleman & Val Chmerkovskiy

Aly Raisman & Mark Ballas

Week by week, celebs without those names went home, as expected. Even the order was pretty fair, although we still miss Andy Dick for pure entertainment value. It made for a predictable score-based season, but that’s OK. As much as we’ve bickered with the judges from afar, their scores generally placed people in the right order most weeks. But now the fun part begins, because all four of the A-gamers are in the Finals and we have no idea what order they’ll end up in. We’ve been guessing it will be Kellie vs. Zendaya in the end, but no one really knows how the viewers have been voting. For all we know, Aly has been dominating fan votes and no one has ever had a chance of beating her. We’ll find out.


Ingo & Kym saw this coming and they were all smiles. They were under the red lights with Zendaya & Val, but Brooke Burke-Charvet said the two couples were “not necessarily the bottom two.” If Ingo & Kym had any doubts before that point, they had to know then that they were repping the bottom two and going home. Brooke said they had such a great spirit going into the Semifinals, and Ingo already told her that he was ready to go home. What will he take back to Hawaii? “You know what, this has been such an amazing experience, ‘cause I thought I was going to be done after like two weeks,” Ingo said. “I thought I’d go back to Hawaii and come back for the Tuesday night Final. But Kym has choreographed the most amazing routines and she catered them to my two left feet and it got us this far. So I’ve really got to say it’s been an amazing experience, and I’ve really got a ballroom frame now.” He illustrated his frame for the class.

Are you sad to see Ingo & Kym leave, or did the right couple go home? Sound off in the comments!