Why Was Janelle Arthur Eliminated on American Idol 2013?
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Why Was Janelle Arthur Eliminated on American Idol 2013?

On the American Idol Top 5 results show on Thursday night, we finally said goodbye to country singer Janelle Arthur. Her elimination was not really surprising considering she has been hovering near the bottom for weeks. However, we do think it was a tough blow that the American Idol judges had one more chance to save someone from elimination, but chose not to keep Janelle from going home.

So why was Janelle Arthur eliminated on American Idol 2013? Well, the short and sweet answer is that she just didn’t have the vocal prowess of the rest of the Top 5 finalists. Even more of a problem for Janelle, however, was the perceived rivalry between her and fellow country singer Kree Harrison.

While Janelle represented the beauty of old school country and she had personality for miles, Kree brought a modern edge to the genre and demonstrated far more versatility. When the two went head to head in a duet recently, Janelle withered while Kree shined twice as brightly. Given a choice between Janelle and Kree, who both ended up in the bottom two on Thursday night, the voters obviously chose Kree.

We’re still trying to figure out why on Earth Kree Harrison was in the bottom two instead of Amber Holcomb, but that’s a puzzle to figure out another day...

04.19.2013 / 07:18 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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