Why Was Karina Smirnoff Hospitalized on Dancing With the Stars 2013?
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Why Was Karina Smirnoff Hospitalized on Dancing With the Stars 2013?

Drama! Dancing With the Stars pro Karina Smirnoff was sick with a virus last week and had to cancel an event, but it sounds like she’s now suffering from something possibly more serious. A source told Wetpaint Entertainment that Karina was injured Sunday while rehearsing a flip with Jacoby Jones for one of their dances on tonight’s Season 16 Week 9 Semifinals Performance Show. Karina reportedly landed on Jacoby, twisting her neck and banging her face; the source said she had to be taken to the hospital for possible whiplash and a dislocated jaw. Eek!

It wasn’t clear if Karina would be well enough to compete at all this week, but based on a tweet she shared Monday afternoon, it looks like she's not going to let an injury slow her down. She tweeted: “Hey guys! I did go2 the hospital +am still a bit sore but I'm going 2 b ok+ not dancing isn't an option. Excited4 2night +LOVE our dances.” Wow! We love Karina's determined spirit. Let's just hope Karina won't injure herself again during her Lindy Hop with Jacoby.

Not to mention everyone has two dances tonight, and after one couple goes home tomorrow, the final four will battle it out in the Finals.

We hope Karina is feeling 100 percent for the Semifinals! Good luck to all of the couples tonight.

Sources: @Karina_Smirnoff