Why Was Paul Jolley Eliminated on American Idol 2013?
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Why Was Paul Jolley Eliminated on American Idol 2013?

His voice certainly brought smiles to many faces, but Paul Jolley sang his last song this week on American Idol 2013 and did not receive enough votes to advance to the Season 12 Top 8.

So why was Paul eliminated?

If you ask Jimmy Iovine, the singer was simply not ready for prime time, as the mentor put it. Paul’s voice was consistently recognized as strong but in need of a lot of restraint and control. His tendency to “over-sing” his songs was a constant battle, and he barely made it out of the Top 20 round in Las Vegas alive! The judges were split, and it took an extra tie-breaking vote from Jimmy to get Paul Jolley into the Season 12 Top 10.

That said, Paul made clear efforts to work on his shortcomings. His performance of Lonestar’s “Amazed” during the Top 10 performance show was a prime example of “the new Paul.” The judges praised his song choice, and even Nicki Minaj confessed that it was the first time she felt sexually attracted to Paul during one of his performances (TMI, if you ask us).

During the Top 9, contestants were given a selection of Beatles songs to choose from, and Paul decided to go for “Eleanor Rigby.” While Mariah Carey said she liked the song choice, Nicki found it to be far too safe and bland. Keith Urban commented that he didn’t feel an emotional connection to the song from Paul.

Ultimately, it looks like the viewers agreed with the judges’ assessment and decided to axe Paul from the Top 9. He sang for the judges’ mercy, performing Heart’s “Alone,” but they couldn’t unanimously agree to give him Season 12’s only save.

Do you think America made the right choice, or should Paul have gotten another chance to prove himself?

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