Why You Won’t See T.I. And Tiny’s Relationship Troubles on TV (VIDEO)

In case you missed the memo, T.I., Tiny, and their band of six kids have all returned to VH1 for Season 4 of T.I. & Tiny:The Family Hustle. While the cameras have been rolling on the family for quite some time, you’ll be shocked to learn that none of the footage will include T.I. and Tiny fighting the press (and heavyweight boxers) over their rumored troubled marriage. So what gives? According to Tiny, breaks in filming.

Which chatting with HipHollywood, Tiny dished that when times get exceptionally trying for the family, they “just take a break” from filming to have a bit of alone time. Tiny says this latest season “was stretched out a little longer, but we back on task. Back to doing it the same way now.” She adds the fam is “getting ready for the fifth season.”

“Our crew’s pretty easy going,” Tiny explains of the family’s production schedule. Unlike other shows that thrive on the over-the-top drama, Tiny said, “They don’t like ‘we got to get this, this and that.’ When we need them to back up … they’ll be like, ‘Aight, we’ll go away for a week.’”

We’re glad to hear that things are going well now, but a show can always use a touch of drama to spice things up — something Tiny seems to know. Has the former Xscape singer considered keeping the cameras rolling through crazier times for the new season? Click the video above to hear what she says!

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