Will Andy Herren Win Big Brother 15? (UPDATE)
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Will Andy Herren Win Big Brother 15? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Yep! He won pretty easily over GinaMarie. Are you OK with that?

Original story:

Andy Herren was everybody's best friend — and secretly their worst total rat of an enemy — on Big Brother 15. Could he win? He's in an excellent position to do so.

For most of the season, Andy, 26, a professor from Chicago, was known primarily for two things: 1) popping into every conversation in the house just long enough to get dirt to bring back to Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson, and 2) bursting into tears every eviction night, right after he sent a friend home with his vote.

He was universally liked in the house, despite lying to almost everyone before ratting them out — first to McCranda and then to The Exterminators. Every other houseguest seemed to think he was the one they could trust the most. Helen Kim thought that and looked what happened to her. Then to Amanda. And yet, Andy had such a smooth nice-guy social game, people often walked out the door still not knowing that Andy was the one who put that knife in their backs.

Will Andy Herren Win Big Brother 15? (UPDATE)
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Andy wisely formed alliances with the two powerhouses in the BB house — Helen and Amanda. When it came down to one or the other, he backed Amanda while still leaving Helen thinking right up to the end that maybe she could trust the guy who had an early final two deal with her.

Andy had The Goof Troop alliance, then a final four alliance — called 3AM — with Amanda, McCrae, and Aaryn Gries. But on Week 9, when Elissa Slater put up both Aaryn and Andy, Andy wisely planned ahead and formed a new alliance with Spencer Clawson, Judd Daugherty and GinaMarie Zimmerman. They called their new alliance The Exterminators. Andy separately told Spencer that, moving forward, Spencer was the person in the house he’d trust the most and he wanted Spencer to feel the same way. Spencer replied, "Absolutely."

Such a smart move. Out of everyone left at that point, Spencer was the least likely to be targeted anytime soon. He had already been a pawn seven times, so even if he went back on the block (and he did) it would be pretty anticlimactic. He lives there!

Andy used his time on the block to put himself in a good position and managed to fool both Amanda and Elissa as he ushered them out the door. Andy won HOH at final four, right when he was looking like a potential target (along with McCrae), so that's certainly a step in the right direction for him. He also won the second of the three HOH competitions and if he wins the third on tonight's live finale, he will almost certainly win.

Andy was a tush-covering liar, but he was a smart and (to the houseguests, anyway) likable one whom everyone trusted for some reason. He's the best gamer left, of the final three. Since he's a sweet-talking flatterer, he would probably explain himself well in the finals, leaving the people he lied to (relatively) happy to vote for him to win the $500,000. His quiet man-behind-the-curtain power and backstabbing lies didn't make him the most beloved player to viewers, but it's possible that was just the game that needed to be played this summer.

What do you think? Will The Red Menace/The Ginger Professor/The Rat King win the season?

The Big Brother 15 finale airs on Wednesday, September 18 on CBS.

08.28.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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