Bachelor in Paradise: Will There Be a Season 2? Insiders Say… — Exclusive
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise: Will There Be a Season 2? Insiders Say… — Exclusive

Now that we’re two weeks into Bachelor in Paradise, has the spin-off got you hooked yet? We don’t know about you, but now we pretty much fly out of bed every Monday morning in anticipation of the night’s brand new ep. We are already dreading that day in mid-September that Season 1 will end, but what of a second season — will we have that to look forward to?

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with a source close to the show to get more insight on the odds of a Season 2 for BiP. Because imagine if we didn’t have something to hold us over between next year's Bachelorette finale and the January premiere of Bachelor? That would be b-r-u-tal.

According to our insider, odds are good for a second go-around — at least on the producer’s end. “It seems like people are excited about it,” the source explains, before adding, “they’re going to have to change the format a bit.”

How so? For one, the whole date card thing. As we’ve seen already, a contestant can have a date card, ask someone out that’s already formed a relationship, and they might say no. So what happens then? That’s the question.

“They’re going to have to change the format a little bit or change the rules — or just have no rules. There were so many moving parts, so many people coming in and out, which was kind of confusing. They just have to tweak it a little bit.”

One thing that this insider doesn’t need to be tweaked is the location and accommodations. Though a number of contestants have run to media outlets with cries of “horrible” conditions in Tulum, Mexico, these have apparently been grossly exaggerated.

“That’s ridiculous,” the source discredits. “They’re in paradise — they’re going to have mosquitoes and snakes and little bugs. What do they expect? They’re brought food and coffee every morning, and they have as much beer, wine, whatever they want. It was probably a couple people that said it was terrible and blew it out of proportion.”

Well that’s reassuring — lord knows these people have the flair for the dramatic. Glad to know ABC wasn’t sticking them in some dump for our entertainment!

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