Will Beyonce Be a Bridesmaid in Kim Kardashian’s Wedding? — Report
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Kim Kardashian

Will Beyonce Be a Bridesmaid in Kim Kardashian’s Wedding? — Report

Just when we think Kim Kardashian’s Paris wedding to Kanye West couldn’t get any more epic, it does. Word on the street is that Beyonce is in line to be one of Kim’s bridesmaids when she and Kanye tie the knot on March 24. We’re invited to witness this in person, right?

A report from Mediatakeout says after Beyonce met up with Kim at high-end Beverly Hills spa Lancer Dermatology and, apparently, have decided to be besties over a mani/pedi. Makes sense, considering the fact that Beyonce’s right-hand man, Jay-Z, is buds with Kim’s husband-to-be.

A source close to the Kim/Kanye shindig says Kim’s asked Beyonce to be a bridesmaid, and she’s accepted — and if this inside info is true, we are happier than ever that the wedding will be broadcast on E! as a two-part special! We can’t wait to see Beyonce walk down the aisle in a dress picked out by Kim.

In the past, rumors have circulated that Beyonce wasn’t Kim’s biggest fan. Sounds like in the past, Mrs. Carter thought Kim and the rest of the K fam were “unbearable,” but something’s obviously happened since then to change her mind.

But even if they are getting along, Kim inviting Beyonce to be a bridesmaid would be a little weird — if not a totally fabulous move — considering the fact that they don’t appear to know each other too well. But Beyonce’s a private girl, so maybe this friendship with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been cultivated for awhile now? Or maybe Kanye’s asking Jay-Z to stand up for him at the wedding, so Kim’s following suit?

Either way, befriending Beyonce wouldn’t be the worst move Kim could make. And, um, we have a feeling Kim might have an easier time getting into those A-list parties sharing friendship bracelets with Queen Bey.

Source: Mediatakeout