Will Blaine Move to New York City? — Glee Burning Question
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Will Blaine Move to New York City? — Glee Burning Question

Based on the latest in Glee spoilers, it appears that the show will likely be making a full-time a switch to NYC, possibly as soon as later this season. While we think this is great news overall, we’re not yet certain about the fates of the various non-NYC characters, which has us a little nervous. Specifically, we want to know if Blaine (Darren Criss) will make the jump to NYC or not. Nay, we need to know if he’ll make the jump.

Blaine is still finishing up his studies at McKinley, but he’s definitely thinking about his post-Lima future. Indeed, his graduation is looming, and he’ll be in the Big Apple to look at colleges in Season 5, Episode 6: “Movin’ Out.” This seems to suggest that he’ll be moving there after high school, right?

Of course, the biggest clue to suggest that Blaine is packing his bags and heading to the City That Never Sleeps is the fact that he and NYC-dwelling Kurt are engaged. Kurt (Chris Colfer) made it clear in Season 5, Episode 2 that he’s not leaving NYC anytime soon, so there’s no way Blaine would have proposed unless he knew he too was ready to live there with him.

But what would Blaine be doing there? We’re still not exactly sure what Blaine plans to pursue after high school, but he said last season that he wants to attend NYADA. Then again, there’s a possibility he could be pursuing medicine, although we’re sure NY has some solid pre-med programs, too.

So there are multiple signs that Glee is setting up Blaine to move join Rachel, Santana, and Kurt soon. Then again, we hoped Brittany would join Santana in NYC as well, and we all know how that went. But let’s face it: Would Glee really be the same without Blaine? Hell to the no.

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