Will Brian Jarosinski Attend the “Men Tell All” Special?
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Will Brian Jarosinski Attend the “Men Tell All” Special?

Brian Jarosinski has some serious ‘splainin to do. You know, about that one time he applied for The Bachelorette while secretly harboring a girlfriend back home? Yeah. That.

Apparently, this two-timing ladies' man was dating Playboy Playmate Stephanie Larimore when he auditioned to win Desiree Hartsock's heart — and they even slept together just days before Bri left for Bachelor Mansion!

This dude has yet to fully explain his actions, but he might get an opportunity during the “Men Tell All” special, wherein Desiree's cast-offs dish about their experiences on The Bachelorette.

But before you go buying up all the tomatoes you’ll need to throw at him, we don't know if Brian will even be invited to the event, let alone agree to participate.

"I'd love to at least get his spin on it and find out why and what he was thinking," Chris Harrison told TV Guide during a recent interview. Nooooo kidding, Herr-ison.

But unlike the rest of America, we’re pretty sure Chris is actually not out to get him if Brian should show his face on the show. "I'm not mad at the guy, I really don't care. Maybe he's not a bad guy and has been stuck in this horrible rut of a relationship and thought, 'This is what I need to find something new.'"

Way to give Brian the benefit of the doubt, Chris! Sure, homeboy completely led Desiree on while having a secret lady love back at home, but whatever. Maybe he had his own special reasons for doing so, and maybe said reasons were The Right Reasons.

Do you think Brian should hit up the “Men Tell All” special later this season? His appearance would definitely make for great TV, and we'd love to hear his side of the story!

Source: TV Guide