Will Castle and Beckett Move in Together in Castle Season 5?
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Will Castle and Beckett Move in Together in Castle Season 5?

At the end of the Castle Season 5, Episode 14: “Reality Star Struck,” this past Monday, Kate gave Rick a really sweet present — a drawer of his own at her place. While this isn’t much of a gift to some, to us fans, it’s a big deal! With a drawer at Kate’s place, Rick will have the opportunity to spend nights, weekends, and any amount of time he wants at Beckett’s pad. Does that mean … moving in will be the next step for Caskett at the end of the season?

Let’s face it, it’s the only logical move. With Kate opening up her space to Rick, the couple will get to explore being together on a more full-time basis.Once that happens, it’s only a matter of time before the commuting back and forth will stop. And there’s nothing to holding them back from cohabitation … aside from Gates finding out...

With Alexis away at college, Rick’s only companion outside of Becks is his mom, Martha. And you can’t snuggle up to your mom at night the way you can with your hot detective girlfriend! Not to mention, Kate did live with Castle for a while in Season 5, Episode 10: “Significant Others” when her apartment was being fumigated. Was creator Andrew Marlowe throwing us a hint there?

We’re not certain what will happen between these two, but we’re hoping that Caskett’s relationship meets new heights. After all, Marlowe did tell Entertainment Weekly that he wants to “have a good moment with the Castle-Beckett relationship” and he’s planning something “interesting” for the end of the season. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Do you think that Rick and Kate will move in together at the end of Season 5? Tell us below!

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