Will a TV Character Get Comic Book Dale’s Storyline in The Walking Dead Season 5?
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Will a TV Character Get Comic Book Dale’s Storyline in The Walking Dead Season 5?

*The Walking Dead comic book and Season 5 filming spoilers ahead*

Do you know what happened to Dale in The Walking Dead comic books? It's not the same story as what happened to Dale on TV.

TV Dale died back at the farm on Season 2, but comic book Dale made it to around this Season 5 point in the story in the books. Andrea is still alive in the books too.

The AMC show is now filming Season 5, and we're right around The Hunters cannibal storyline. That's when Dale dies in the comics, and it's possible someone will get the Dale treatment on TV, like Hershel got the death that Tyreese had in the comics.

Back at the prison, in the books, Dale was bitten by a zombie and had his leg amputated before he could turn. Because he just has that kind of luck, later on — once the group was on the road to Washington, D.C., with Abraham and company — Dale let his guard down and was bitten again. He hid his wound that time, but when he went out into the woods at night, he was abducted by The Hunters. When he woke up he realized half of his other leg was eaten. The Hunters said they were eating him piece by piece. Dale laughed, though, since he said his leg was already infected and they were eating tainted meat.

The Hunters got angry and beat up Dale and left his body in front of Father Gabriel's church to use as bait. Rick and company killed The Hunters but Dale passed away. Andrea, who loved him, shot him before he could turn.

So will anyone get that treatment on TV? Hershel already had his leg chopped off, and we've heard there's a new teenage character named Burton coming who also has one leg. Maybe he's also being eaten one limb at a time.

But there's also this major death rumor floating around, suggesting Glenn may possibly die in Season 5. If true, is he a victim of TV's version of The Hunters? Does Maggie have to put him down, like Andrea put down Dale in the books? Or does he sacrifice himself to save Beth, aka Maggie's sister? Glenn had a very different death in the comics, but if he dies now maybe another character will get his comic book death.

The rumor may not really be about Glenn, though. That could be pure misdirection or just a misunderstanding. Maybe Beth offers tainted meat, or someone else. (Bob, maybe? If it's Bob, then maybe Sasha would take on the Andrea role with Dale.)

Do you think anyone will get the comic book Dale treatment, perhaps even whoever is mentioned in the major death spoiler, or is that an unlikely scenario?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.