Will CT Return to MTV’s The Challenge? “I Think I’m Done” — Exclusive
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Will CT Return to MTV’s The Challenge? “I Think I’m Done” — Exclusive

Tenth time's the charm! On Wednesday night (September 25) Chris “CT” Tamburello finally got the gold elephant statue he’s been vying after for 10 seasons of MTV’s The Challenge — but now that he has what he wants, is that a wrap for CT’s Challenge career?

“I think I’m done,” he told Wetpaint Entertainment at the live Rivals 2 reunion on Wednesday, September 25, in New York City.

“I think I got what I wanted. We’ll see, but for now, there’s nothing left for me to win. There’s nothing else for me to do. I’d be happy to be done now. I got lucky. I never thought my 15 minutes was going to last 10 years.”

CT started his MTV career as a bright-eyed housemate on Real World: Paris back in 2003 — back when he had thick, flowing locks and before The Challenge even existed. Now, he's a seasoned a vet who finally scored his first win on his tenth try. So what was different this season?

“I really wanted to win,” CT told us. “I came into this one really playing the game hard. A lot of the times there’s always something back at home that prevents you from playing the game the way you’d like to, so in this one, when I found out about the rules, and given my circumstances at that time, I fully exploited the rules of the game. I feel like I played the game the way it was supposed to be played — like a game.”

Playing “the game” included kissing his ex-girlfriend Diem, hooking up with nearly every girl in the house, and nearly killing his Rivals 2 partner Wes. But the animosity between the two OG Challenge stars didn’t last long. After all, they were both playing to win.

“At first, I couldn’t stand him,” he said. “But me and him kind of looked at eachother like we both kind of upgraded. I upgraded from Adam, he upgraded from Kenny. We had a good dynamic in the end. He kept me in check, while I would go out and bang the drum. We had a good plan. I’m glad he was my teammate. That’s for sure.”

In the end, CT and Wes ate enough maggots and dried squid to take home the title of Rivals 2 champs. If this is CT’s last rumble in the jungle, at least he’s going out on a high note. And he’s not the only one — his former flame Diem told us she’s also done with The Challenge.

“For me, if someone has done you wrong, and you go back, it’s your own fault,” Diem told Wetpaint at the live reunion. “I came on to this show being very direct about going through menopause and going through hormone treatments, and to have a couple of episodes not ever explain that and try to portray me as crazy, I felt used. I just need to walk away because if someone uses you, you can’t go back.”

Are you sad these two Challenge favorites say they won’t be back for future seasons? Sound off in the comments!

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