Will Derek Hough Return for Dancing With the Stars Season 19?
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Dancing With The Stars

Will Derek Hough Return for Dancing With the Stars Season 19?

There’s a lot of change happening in the Dancing With the Stars world right now. Original showrunner Conrad Green is leaving and head judge Len Goodman might be heading out too. Maksim Chmerkovskiy may not return as a pro (or at all?) after winning Season 18, but what about the spring season’s pro runner-up Derek Hough?

The five-time champion reflected on his journey with Amy Purdy in his final TV Guide blog of season, and discussed where he goes from here.

“I don't know if I'll be back next season yet,” Derek wrote in the May 21 post. “At this point, for me, it's about progress. It's about feeling like you're going in a certain direction and moving toward something. I definitely felt like this season brought something new and different and significant to my life. [...] I feel like this season with Amy was truly a fulfilling experience that transcended the whole competition element of it. I had never been more calm in my entire Dancing with the Stars life than I was last night [on the Finale]. When we were standing there, I had the most amazing sense of calmness and joy. I knew that regardless of the result I would be extremely happy, proud and fulfilled. The deed has been done. What we did was remarkable.”

Derek added that, in the past four seasons, he’s been second, first, first, and second in the Finals, but this past season with Amy tops them all in terms of meaning. “I don't want to take away from my past partners, but this one was very unique and very special. It's a definite incredible high note.”

A high note to end on? You never can tell what will happen with Derek, but the boy does know how to multitask. So even if he has a million projects going on in the fall, he may still return to DWTS. This past spring, he got to oversee the Macy’s Stars of Dance routines, directed Mark Ballas’s big music video, competed with Amy, and rehearsed with his sister Julianne Hough for their Move Live on Tour shows, which start next week in Kansas.

“Right now, I'm preparing for the tour,” Derek wrote in his blog. “When I was doing my tour dates, I didn't realize I would be going to the end of the season! I have a lot to cram in right now. After doing an entire final week, which is a lot of work, then flying all night to New York to do morning shows and then heading to the airport, the second I land, I'm going straight to rehearsals for the 48 shows ahead of me!”

Busy, busy! The tour sounds great, and a lot of the shows are already sold out. Also, Derek’s book, Taking the Lead: Lessons from a Life in Motion — which was meant to be released next week — was pushed back to August, presumably because he’s been too busy to focus on it. Needless to say, his summer dance card is pretty full.

Good luck to Derek, on all fronts! Do you hope he returns as a competing pro in the fall 2014 season?

Source: TV Guide