Big Brother 16: Will Derrick Levasseur Win the 2014 Season? (UPDATE)
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Big Brother 16: Will Derrick Levasseur Win the 2014 Season? (UPDATE)

UPDATE (9/24/14): Long live the cop king. Derrick did indeed win Big Brother 16. By the end of the season he had won HOH four times, although he was dethroned one of those times. He was never on the block one time. Not even with the Battle of the Block twist offering twice as many chances to be nominated. He played a great social game, making everyone in the house feel like he was their closest friend, and even Nicole said when he backstabbed the Houseguests he left them feeling guilty. Amazing.

Original story (8/28/14):

Can anyone stop Derrick Levasseur on Big Brother 16? No one even seems to be trying!

It’s maddening, from home, to see one player appear to be running the house while all the Houseguests are oblivious. Derrick is like The Copfather of BB16 — and even when fellow HGs mention how under-the-radar his game is (he always finds someone else to be his “bad cop”), how he’s never been on the block, and even how he’s hid some alliances, he still manages to emerge with no blood on his hands. He doesn’t even have to break a sweat to own this crowd.

Derrick has been the official HOH once so far, and man did he luck out — he got the week when Devin Shepherd was the unanimous house target. Whoever was on duty for the Devin dump was not only going to look like the hero of the house, he or she would leave without any blood. Done and done for Derick.

Victoria Rafaeli was briefly upset in Week 7 when she learned that Derrick (gasp!) had another alliance. Yes, Victoria was under the impression that she was Derrick’s only true ally. Did he know how to find the right person to string along or what? She felt like he “cheated” on her, but he diffused that bomb like it was nothing. He even subtly used his allies to convince Week 7 Head of Household Christine Brecht to keep Victoria off the block as the replacement nominee, which helped Derrick in two ways — 1) it kept Donny Thompson in the house, since Donny would probably go home next to Vic, and Donny is part of Team America, which gives Derrick more money and power; and 2) Derrick got to tell Victoria he saved her from the block, so she’s actually grateful to him and back in his loyal corner.

Derrick also has Cody Calafiore as a close ally, and Cody will do whatever Derrick wants. Cody is close to Christine (too close?) so Derrick appears to have a tight foursome of himself, Cody, Christine and Victoria, with Vic being an ideal Final 2 option. However, Derrick also has The Detonators — Cody and Christine again, but also Frankie Grande (who is also in Team America). Caleb Reynolds isn’t even in that alliance, but he’s held over from The Bomb Squad. As “Beast Mode Cowboy,” he’ll probably be targeted once Donny is out of the house, and he may not even mind, since they’ll flatter him all the way out the door as such a huge, intimidating threat.

Frankie is high on the radar after his manipulations in the house, and big speech about Ariana Grande, but he’s also a strong player when it comes to competitions and social maneuvering. And he’s clearly popular (with production anyway), so he’s a threat to win as well.

Having Nicole Franzel return to the game could still shake things up, and the tide could always turn against Derrick. Things change quickly in the BB house and Julie Chen always wants us to expect the unexpected. But at this point we’re expecting the husband, father and police sergeant to go very far in this game.

Do you think Derrick has this game sewn up or will the HGs vote him out before it’s too late?