Will Desiree Hartsock Punish Her Men For Protecting Her?
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Will Desiree Hartsock Punish Her Men For Protecting Her?

Desiree Hartsock might be addicted to roses, but girlfriend is hardly a delicate flower — something her Bachelorette 2013 brosefs are about to learn the hard way. This gal's made it abundantly clear that she only wants to date men who are on The Bachelorette for the "right reasons," but apparently some of her hunks learned nothing from their hang sesh with Soulja Boy.

Turns out James Case has a secret plan to be ABC's next Bachelor, and now his competitors are flipping their coifs back and forth in an effort to protect Des from getting hurt. It's like, settle down, friends. We know you can't wait to rush to Desiree's aid, but girlfriend is no damsel in distress. In fact, Chris Harrison teases that Des might get frustrated with her men for being overly protective during Monday's Barcelona episode!

"The guys this season have really fallen for Des and they are incredibly protective of her, but are they too protective?" Chris asks in his EW Bachelorette blog. "At some point Des might get to the point where she resents being 'taken care of' so much."

Hear that, guys? Des is a strong, independent woman, and she doesn't need anyone to do her dirty work! Just look at what happened when Michael “Guarder and Protector of Hearts” Garofola tried to make Des wise to Ben Scott’s shady ways. Girl was not pleased. Chris seems to think it's "one of those situations where he won the battle but may have lost the war," which is clearly code for "dude is about to get all kinds of deflowered."

Do you think Des will be peeved at her boyfriends when they throw James under the bus? Only time will tell....

Source: EW