Will Emily Thorne and Jack Porter Get Together in Revenge Season 2?
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Will Emily Thorne and Jack Porter Get Together in Revenge Season 2?

OK, so maybe this is too soon, but we’ve just got to say it. In last night’s episode of Revenge, Amanda Clarke wife to Jack Porter, sister to Emily Thorne, stripper to all said goodbye to the Hamptons forever in a tragic boat explosion. Her dying wish was for Emily to take care of Baby Carl David and ... wait for it ... Jack Porter!

So does that basically give Emily the right to pick up where she left off over top of Sammy the Dog’s dying carcass? A lot has happened since Jack and Ems shared their tearful kiss Aiden Mathis has traveled from Japan to bring us more six packs and sexy accents and Daniel Grayson has started to rekindle the flame — but isn’t Jack Emily’s childhood sweetheart and one true love?

Come on, homeboy cared for her dog for like 17 years, faux-married her in a pipe cleaner-themed wedding, and saved dirty pieces of sea glass to make into a necklace. It’s pretty much meant to be.

But both of these star-crossed lovers are going to need time to cope with the loss of Mandy. She was the mother of Baby Carl David and an overly generous cell block sister.

Will their grief and devotion to Amanda overcome their desire to be together? Tell us what you think below!