Will Erica Mena Feature Her Son on Love & Hip Hop Season 5? — Exclusive
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Will Erica Mena Feature Her Son on Love & Hip Hop Season 5? — Exclusive

As you know Love & Hip Hop Season 4 has reached its close, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the road for the New York franchise. According to VH1, the show will be back for Season 5 and when Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with LHH star Erica Mena, not only did she tell us that she’ll be making a return with her girlfriend, Cyn Santana, but she dished that she just might bring her 6-year-old son, King, on board too!

When we spoke with Erica about the news that Love & Hip Hop is returning for a fifth season, the Latina model told us that she’s “definitely” returning for another round of drama in the city.

“I’m back… which I hear through the grapevine,” she told us. “[Me and Cyn] are.” Erica exclusively told us that she and Cyn are actually in the process of moving in together, so “if the cameras start rolling again, you guys will be seeing a lot of us taking the steps to pursue our futures together.”

Of course, if Cyn and Erica are to have a future, that would definitely have to include Erica’s boy, King. When we asked Erica if we can expect to see her song make his reality TV debut, the working mom told us, “If it feels right like it feels now, with everything just falling into place, I wouldn’t mind introducing the world to my son.”

Obviously, Erica’s had previous reservations about putting King on TV, but she told us, “If it feels right by the time we start shooting again, I wouldn’t shut out the idea completely this time around.”

Erica says that in the past she was worried about the scrutiny that she and her son would receive, because people can be extremely harsh. Erica told us that she’s received tons of “crazy” backlash when she just posts a photo of her kid on Instagram! But all and all, she’s totally not opposed to giving King a little screen time, especially since she thinks it might give people a better understanding of who she is as an overall person.

“When people hear how my son is well-mannered, and well-spoken, and very intelligent, I think people will look at me different in that spectrum. As crazy and as wild as I am, one thing I am first above all thing is a mother.”

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