The Walking Dead: Will Eugene Bite [Spoilers] in the Crotch, As in the Comics? Josh McDermitt Hopes So
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Will Eugene Bite [Spoilers] in the Crotch, As in the Comics? Josh McDermitt Hopes So

*Comic book spoilers ahead*

If The Walking Dead can show Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) getting his head sliced off, they can show a “bad” guy getting his package bit. Right?

Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) just joined the TV show in the second half of Season 4, and he's probably not going to have a big role anytime soon. But he's still going strong in the comics and we’re expecting to see a lot more of him in Season 5.

Josh talked to OK! about his character, and he said he knew Eugene's backstory from the books. "They said because the comics and the TV show are different, they’re going to do a version of that,” he said. “They also told me specifically, he’s not a bad guy, he’s odd, he’s weird. And there’s not really anything I need to do as an actor to make him weird, they just write him that way and it’s easy to play that."

OK! asked Josh if Eugene does anything in the comics that he would love to do on the AMC show. Josh laughed and said, "There’s one thing and I haven’t told [showrunner] Scott Gimple this yet, but there’s one scene where Eugene bites a guy in his crotch and for some reason I want to do that so bad, I just think it would be awesome TV. Eugene is just sitting there and he’s being held hostage and he just bites a guy right in his leg, right in his groin and I just go, ‘oh my gosh that would be so memorable. People will finally stop talking about the mullet and start talking about that instead!’ If I could do that, my career will be set forever. There will definitely be a Twitter account related to Eugene’s crotch biting."

That would be epic!

Here's the comic visual of Eugene's crotch bite. The guy he's biting is Dwight, a member of Negan's bad guy group The Saviors. Their story is way down the pike, but Dwight actually kills Abraham in the comics, and takes Eugene hostage. Eugene bites Dwight in the crotch, which doesn't kill him but it leaves him in bleeding.

Maybe TWD will show us the crotch bite in Season 6 or 7, since that seems like a story for a little while from now. Do you think the AMC series would ever go there, or are some things too much even for this show?

The Walking Dead Season 4 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Source: OK! Magazine