Will Brandi Glanville Ever Get Married Again?
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Brandi Glanville

Will Brandi Glanville Ever Get Married Again?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville has been very open about the ups and downs she's had in relationships over the years. We know that her marriage to actor Eddie Cibrian didn't end well, so would she ever try getting hitched again?

As of right now, Brandi tells People that she doesn't expect to get married again, although you never know. "In my head, I don't feel like I need a piece of paper to tell me I need to be with someone," Brandi says about a marriage license. "But I reserve the right to change my mind!"

Regardless of whether she ties the knot again or knot, she knows what she wants in a man. "I'm happy," she says. "I know exactly what I want now. That's the wisdom that comes from getting older and dating douche bags!"

"I've met some great men, I've met a lot of not-so-great ones," she admits. "I'm learning as I go."

That said, she points out that her dating track record isn't blemish-free. "I made rules for myself that I've broken," Brandi says. "[After my divorce], I said, 'No actors and no professional athletes,' and of course I went right back to it. I'm always attracted to the hottest boy in the room and that never works out."

Do you think Brandi will ever marry again?

Source: People