Will Maksim Chmerkovskiy Ever Return to Dancing With the Stars As a Pro?
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Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Will Maksim Chmerkovskiy Ever Return to Dancing With the Stars As a Pro?

UPDATE: Hey, there's no law against changing your mind, and it sounds like that's what Maks did. He's reportedly in for the spring 2014 Season 18!

Original story:

Bad news: After eight years as a pro dancer on Dancing With the Stars, Maksim Chmerkovskiy is as definitive as he’s ever been that he is done competing on the show.

In an interview with Access Hollywood just before his guest judging stint on the Season 17 Semifinals, Maks said he misses dancing, but not the competition of the show. Since he’s been getting his fix off the show, he has no desire to return as a pro.

"I don't think I'm coming back as a dancer, no," he said. "This is not where I want to be. There were rumors about how bad the situation was between myself and the production and obviously those rumors are put to rest with this [guest judging stint]. ... I think last two seasons showed everybody's replaceable. I'm not making the show, it's not all about me, obviously, and it never has been."

Will Maksim Chmerkovskiy Ever Return to Dancing With the Stars As a Pro?
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But for some fans, he did make the show. He’s Sex on a Stick! Still, Maks has his own plans for what he wants to do, including acting, which he didn't have time to pursue during DWTS. The show takes up the entirety of your life. He did that for eight years, and now his brother Val Chmerkovskiy is giving up his life to do DWTS. And (ha!) their mother yells at Maks because Val gets so skinny during the season and Maks feels like a housewife cooking for and worrying about his little bro.

Maks is still a competitive guy, and he really wanted to win DWTS just once, but he doesn’t have that drive to try for a trophy anymore. “I am completely over it, completely over it and I don't want it to sound bad, negative or derogatory … I just don't see myself investing in someone's life for three months again. I want to invest in mine."

However, after his guest judge experience he talked to On the Red Carpet about maybe being a permanent judge next year. He said there were no conversations with the producers, but he’d cross that bridge if they came to it. So maybe we haven’t seen the last of Maks on DWTS, just the last of him as a competitor. He’s now firmly in the Julianne Hough zone.

How do you feel about that? Disappointed? Do you think it’s a good call on his part?

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