Will Jacqueline Laurita Butt Heads With Dina Manzo When She Returns to RHONJ?
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Will Jacqueline Laurita Butt Heads With Dina Manzo When She Returns to RHONJ?

Ready or not, Jacqueline Laurita is returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey — at least for a little while.

E! News confirmed the big rumor, and added some details that should sound good to Dina Manzo, who is not on the best of terms with Jacq.

"Yes, it's true, Jacqueline will be making a return towards the end of the season,” a source told E! “Because she still has a close relationship with Kathy [Wakile], her scenes will mostly be with Kathy. She is not coming back to stir the pot or confront her sister-in-law Dina. People assume that's what she's coming back to do, but she's not. Her appearance is relatively drama-free."

Phew! Or are you disappointed, hoping for some old school drama? If that’s what you want, RadarOnline will always deliver. Their own source had a less positive take on the Jacq Attack return.

“Dina is furious that Jacqueline is back. She never would have come back if she knew Jacqueline was still on the show,” a source supposedly close to the situation told Tom Murro. The source continued, “Dina’s return to the show has been really lackluster. Her whole ‘Zen’ attitude is boring. So Jacqueline and her drama was something the producers really wanted.” Not done, the source added that “[Jacqueline] always knows how to cause the most drama. Dina is jealous that Jacqueline is getting all the attention now and she’s totally unhappy.”

Oh the trusty “jealous” angle! Dina probably doesn’t even care that much, especially if E!’s source is right and Jacqueline isn’t coming back to confront Dina, she’s mostly going to talk to Kathy. Then again, why would the producers bring Jacqueline back just for some friendly chats? They can see the sad RHONJ Season 6 ratings as well as anyone, and a lot of fans have said they miss Jacqueline and Caroline Manzo. The two ladies will be on Caroline’s spinoff show, Manzo’d With Children, but some fans want them back on RHONJ anyway, since the new cast just isn’t the same. But will viewers tune in just to see Jacqueline, even if she’s not there to stir the pot? After all, who watches any Real Housewives show for casual visits?

If Jacqueline is coming back later this season, and that’s looking like the case, do you hope it’s for “relatively drama-free” time with Kathy, as E! says, or to bring the drama, as Radar suggests?

Catch the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

Sources: E! News, RadarOnline

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