Will Juan Pablo’s Ex, Carla Rodriguez, Appear on The Bachelor?
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Will Juan Pablo’s Ex, Carla Rodriguez, Appear on The Bachelor?

The number one lady in Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis's life is his daughter Camila, who was born on February 14, 2009 and is his “valentine for life.” JPG's televised search for a wife/stepmother just started, but whomever is picked in the end will have to accept another major female presence in his life — ex-girlfriend Carla Rodriguez, aka Camila's mother.

So will we see Carla at some point on The Bachelor?

Spoiler king Reality Steve regularly drops filming hints and he weighed in on the Carla situation in his blog after the Season 18 premiere.

"I’m not sure if we’re gonna see Carla appear on screen at all this season, even though she was in LA watching Camila while filming was there, and was also in Miami when it was down to the final six, but make no mistake about it, these two are not done,” Steve wrote.

Will Juan Pablo’s Ex, Carla Rodriguez, Appear on The Bachelor?
Credit: Carla Rodriguez on Twitter    

According to Juan Pabs, he and Carla stayed together for a couple of years, then broke up, though they are still good friends — which you would hope, since they will alway be co-parenting their child.

“She will always be a major part of Juan Pablo and Camila’s life,” Steve continues in his column, “and if you think for a second that will not come in the way of his relationship with him and [Spoiler], I’m not sure what to tell ya’. Not every woman out there is cut out to immediately step into an already formed family. Especially one where Juan Pablo has such a close relationship with the mother."

But why wouldn't he have a close relationship with the mother of his child? And why wouldn't that be a good — ideal — thing for everyone? It doesn’t mean they are going to get back together, it just means they might actually be mature adults. Whomever JPG ends up with has to know Camila’s mom will always be in the picture, just like Season 13 Bachelor Jason Mesnick’s ex-wife will always be part of his life as they co-parent their son, Ty.

Steve posted a video of JPG and Carla together in happier times, dated February 8, 2009, which shows how the couple were preparing for Camila's birth (which would be within the week). It's not exactly evidence of lingering feelings five years later, in 2014. But who knows. Maybe they will reunite someday; it does happen. Camila would probably be thrilled!

Regardless of whether we see Carla on the show, Reality Steve seems confident that Juan Pablo won't end up with any of the girls this season down the line — and that he and Carla aren't done with their love story.

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Source: Reality Steve