Will Kandi Burruss’s Play, A Mother’s Love, Come to Your City?
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Will Kandi Burruss’s Play, A Mother’s Love, Come to Your City?

These are exciting times for the Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kandi Burruss.

Kandi and Todd Tucker are getting married tonight, and plans are in the works to take their play, A Mother’s Love, on the road.

RHoA Season 6 is still showing the play come together, complete with Porsha Williams drama, but in reality A Mother’s Love already hit the Atlanta stage back in November, and the soundtrack and DVD are about to be released on April 8. You can even listen to Porsha sing a snippet from the soundtrack.

During a recent JET magazine Twitter Q&A, a fan asked Kandi when she’d take her musical on a nationwide tour. Kandi replied, “I'm still trying to put that together.” She has a lot going on right now — give her a chance to get married first! — but it’s good to hear fans outside Atlanta might be able to see the production.

A Mother’s Love is loosely based on Kandi’s own life, and it was put together in partnership with her soon-to-be-hubby Todd. “We talked first about a movie,” Kandi said on her site, “then thought a play would be easier. It was not.” She wrote 18 songs for the musical, which was inspired by her own relationship with Mama Joyce: “A mom who wants the best for her daughter but she doesn’t think her man is the best for her. We did turn it around a bit. The mother in the musical used to be in a singing group. My mom was never in a group.”

The Mama Joyce/Todd drama will continue in this Sunday’s episode, when Todd tries to reach an understanding with his future mother-in-law and she reveals that she never stopped liking him, she just stopped respecting him. There’s a mother’s love for you!

Will you see Kandi’s play, if it comes to your area?

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