Will Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Wedding Have a Reunion Special?
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Kandi Burruss

Will Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Wedding Have a Reunion Special?

If you thought the drama of Real Housewives of Atlanta’s sixth season couldn’t be topped, you probably haven’t tuned in for Kandi Burruss’s current Bravo spin-off. Kandi’s Wedding takes all of Mama Joyce’s self-proclaimed craziness from RHoA and dials it to the tenth degree. Toss in some friend feuding with maid of honor Carmon Cambrice, and you’ve got a hit!

Things seemed to have settled down between Kandi’s hard-to-please mother and her now-husband Todd Tucker since the April 4 wedding, but now that more footage has aired, we’re sure some of that progress has been reversed. In particular? Joyce calling Todd’s mother a “prostitute.” Yea, that happened.

Kandi has said that Todd’s mom was very upset by the scene in question, and she’s not the only person who might be hurt or enraged by recent episodes. We’ve seen Carmon say some not-so-nice things to Kandi’s fellow bridesmaids, Todd complain about Carmon, and even Kandi grumble about her mother (which, fair).

So will we get to see the direct effect of all of this trash-talking and on-camera venting in a signature Bravo reunion episode, moderated by Andy Cohen? That’s a definite no, says Kandi.

“I want a reunion to hear from Todd about how he felt when he saw what Joyce said about his mother... And @kandi doing not a damn thing,” one Twitter fan mused, to which Kandi responded, “No reunion...couldn't handle that. Doing the show was stressful enough.”

Aww man! It’s probably for the best, though; after all, this is a real family, not a group of Housewife frenemies. Let’s leave that sort of healing to the privacy of the therapist’s office!

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