Will Klaus and Hayley’s Baby Die in The Originals Season 1 Finale?
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Will Klaus and Hayley’s Baby Die in The Originals Season 1 Finale?

It’s not looking good for The Originals miracle baby. Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is in labor with the supernatural tyke, Papa Klaus (Joseph Mikaelson) is temporarily weakened by a spell, and the witches plan on sacrificing Baby Mikaelson for the good of their ancestral magic. But The CW wouldn’t really kill a baby, would they? Will Klaus and Hayley’s baby die in the Season 1 finale? We speculate below!

OK, we highly doubt the network would go for this particular plot development. They’ve moved into edgier territory as of late, but this is pretty gruesome, even for a vampire show that regularly has characters reaching into other characters’ chests to rip out their hearts. There’s also the narrative potential this baby represents to consider. If this show is about Klaus’ eventual redemption — which, arguably, it is — then killing off the impetus for that redemption at the end of the first season would be the equivalent of the aliens holding a press conference announcing their presence to the world in The X-Files Season 1 finale — i.e. not a smart storytelling choice. Sure, this show could be about Klaus’ further spiral into villainy and moral blackness as catalyzed by the death of his baby, but how much farther can he really spiral? He already kills teenaged violinists.

Of course, just because the miracle baby probably won’t die, doesn’t mean something won’t happen to her. There’s always kidnapping, curses (there is a whole gaggle of witches about), or partial to total orphaning. (We’re particularly worried about that last one.) There’s also a fun-if-not--admittedly-fringe theory circulating the Interwebs that teenaged-witch Davina could be Hayley and Klaus’ daughter all grown up. Tumblr users point to her status as an uber-powerful witch, her penchant for painting, her lack of family, and her blue-eyes good looks as potential clues that Davina is saved by some sort of spell that has her magicked to grow up safely in the past. Or something. As far-fetched as this theory is, you have to admit it would be pretty awesome. This would mean the witch whose feelings Klaus has disregarded all season is the one person he most wants to impress. Dilemma!

Whatever happens with the miracle baby in the Season 1 finale, we can’t wait to see the repercussions play out in The Originals Season 2.

Do you think Hayley and Klaus’ baby will die in the Season 1 finale? Share your theories in the comments below!

The Originals airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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