Will Michael Garofola Confront Ben Scott At the Men Tell All Special?
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The Bachelorette

Will Michael Garofola Confront Ben Scott At the Men Tell All Special?

Michael Garofola made it pretty far in the race to win Desiree Hartsock's lady love — especially considering that he incurred her wrath during a super-awkward two-on-one date with Ben Scott, wherein he accused Ben of being a bad Christian and an even worse parent. Oh no he did not! Ben was ultimately deflowered during the date, which means he and Michael still haven't had a chance to work through their issues. Well, what better time and place than the Men Tell All special?

Desiree's hunks will reunite during next week's group therapy session with Chris Harrison, and it looks like Michael and Ben will finally come face-to-face. But will Michael put on his lawyer's cap (by which we mean thumb bandage) and confront Ben? Unlikely.

Michael says he no longer has motivation to get all up in Ben's grill because he doesn't feel protective of Desiree! "I've been fired from that job to protect Desiree," he explained during a recent media interview. "I no longer feel the same sort of motivation. I don't have any personal vendetta against Ben at all... I don't have any hard feelings. I don't hate the guy."

Looks like Ben is safe! "I'm not in that same setting anymore and Ben and I will never be competing for the same girl again," Michael continued. "So I don't have that same animus that I did then."

Sigh, we love it when Michael uses big lawyer-words. But we can't help but think he'll end up having something to say to Ben if they engage in a conversation — after all, Chris Harrison loves nothing more than stirring up drama among his man harem!

Source: Digital Spy