Will Pregnant Kate Middleton Attend Ex-Boyfriend’s Wedding This Weekend?
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Will Pregnant Kate Middleton Attend Ex-Boyfriend’s Wedding This Weekend?

It's time to watch Four Weddings and a Pregnant Duchess!

Kate Middleton is only about a month away from popping out The Royal Baby, but before she hides away on maternity leave she'll probably pack at least one wedding into this weekend.

According to the Daily Mail, there are four potential weddings for Prince William and Kate (aka the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) to attend on Saturday, June 8:

1. Kate's lawyer ex-boyfriend Rupert Finch is marrying Kate's good friend, Beulah designer Natasha Rufus Isaacs, 30, in Cirencester.

2. William's friend Peregrine Hood, 37, will marry 28-year-old Vogue fashion editor Serena Nikkah in Wiltshire.

3. Nigerian oil heiress Emma McQuiston, 26, will become Britain’s first black marchioness when she marries Viscount Weymouth, 38-year-old Ceawlin Thynn, at his family estate at Longleat in Wiltshire.

4. The late James Goldsmith’s daughter Charlotte will marry designer Philip Colbert in East London, and his clients Sienna Miller, Lily Cole and Peaches Geldof are expected to attend.

No one has asked for our opinion on this matter — and we don't really know much about the couples — but this looks like the House Hunters of weddings and we're picking Wedding #2. Kate may be friends with her ex-boyfriend and his soon-to-be wife, but Kate is the headline wherever she goes and if she attends her ex's wedding, that relationship may overshadow the bride. So we're X-ing off Wedding #1. That may also be the case with Will's friend at Wedding #2, but at least Kate didn't date the groom, and he's marrying a Vogue fashion editor who would probably be happy to have Kate attend the wedding, possibly giving Vogue photos to run.

It's possible Kate and Will can attend more than one wedding on Saturday, in which case we'd guess they pick the top two. Photos will probably emerge for those of us curious to know what Kate & Will decide to do. Hopefully Kate chooses to enjoy lots of wedding cake!

Source: Daily Mail