Will American Idol Be Renewed for Season 14?
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Will American Idol Be Renewed for Season 14?

We may still be weeks and weeks away from the American Idol Season 13 finale but we've got to ask: Will the flagging series live to see another installment?

Earlier in the season, Fox President Chase Carey said Idol would indeed return for a Season 14 but in a lesser capacity. Now new reports via spoiler site The Idol Pad have surfaced, and they seem to support this new "less is more" theory.

"Apparently, the experts believe that the key to stabilization is decreasing the time commitment expected of viewers," TIP reports.

As a part of this new scaled back plan, the show will reportedly be shortened by about a month. The show will also supposedly only take place one night per week, as opposed to the two nights (and sometimes even three nights!) of seasons past. It's an interesting suggestion and one we're not quite sure about in terms of scheduling. Will the results be instantaneous? Will they only be shown online? So many questions, so little time!

In light of Idol's increasingly low ratings, we've got to ask whether popular Idol blogger MJ Santilli of MJ’s Big Blog might be right in her theory about gutting Idol. As she posted, "If airing a tepid version of the show is what it will take to bring it back next season, maybe it's time to pull the plug entirely."

Although it saddens us to even write this, as we've thoroughly enjoyed the changes the show has thrown at us this year, we tend to agree. Going out on a high note is optimal for a show that's had such a successful run.

What do you think? Should American Idol come back in a lesser capacity or not come back at all? Sound off below!

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