Will Dancing With the Stars Be Renewed for Season 19?
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Dancing With The Stars

Will Dancing With the Stars Be Renewed for Season 19?

Dancing With the Stars recently revealed that showrunner Conrad Green was leaving after 18 seasons with the show. ABC has yet to renew DWTS for a fall 2014 Season 19, but they did announce a new showrunner, which certainly suggests confidence in the show’s future.

Host Tom Bergeron talked to The Hollywood Reporter about what’s next for DWTS. “I'm sure we're on in the fall — they'll announce that formally very soon, I would imagine,” he said. “We're up year to year, which is unusual for a show that's so long-term. So I would think we've at least got those two seasons, and we'll see what happens after that.”

Tom said he’s personally under contract for two more seasons, so — if the show is renewed — he’s here at least through spring 2015, AKA Season 20. (Season 20! Imagine!)

Tom said he’s been fortunate with both DWTS and America's Funniest Videos, which he’s decided to wrap up after next season. “By that point I will have done this for 15 years,” Tom said. “That's crazy! If you didn't have these shows working simultaneously, that's like a quarter century of network television... So I don't wanna be a hog about it or too greedy, but I would love to see Dancing With the Stars go beyond 2015. Look, whether it's two seasons a year or, in the future, one season a year, or whatever, I certainly think it's a format that has — no pun intended — legs. I can see it continuing. There's a lot of energy and vitality in the show.”

Hear, hear! We cannot imagine DWTS without Tom, so hopefully the show continues and Tom continues with it. The new showrunner coming is actually a former producer from years past, so we’re curious to see how the show changes moving forward — maybe it will even move back in time. At any rate, we’re on standby for an official Season 19 renewal, but it’s pretty safe to assume that it’s coming.

What do you want to see in Season 19? What’s most important to you for the show to keep or change?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter