Will Revenge’s Nolan Ross Remain Behind Bars?
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Will Revenge’s Nolan Ross Remain Behind Bars?

Our minds were blown when Nolan Ross was arrested for being a terrorist during Revenge's show-stopping Season 2 finale. Oh, the humanity! It's like the FBI have been completely useless for the past two seasons, and now they're suddenly showing an interest in the fact that people keep dying in freak explosions around New York City? Please.

Turns out Nolan is behind bars thanks to his ex-girlfriend Padma Lahari completely betraying him on her deathbed. Sure, this gorgeous nerd claimed to love Nolan with the passion of a thousand lobsters, but when push came to shove she sold him out to The Initiative in exchange for her father's life. How could she?

Tragically, it looks like the police have plenty of evidence against Nolan, but we don't expect him to be in jail for long. After all, he has professional Revenger Emily Thorne on his side, and if there's one thing this gal is good at, it's busting people out of the clink!

We anticipate that Nolan won't spend more than a few episodes of Revenge's third season locked up before Emily comes to his rescue, though it's possible that he'll be embroiled in a legal battle during the aftermath of his arrest. Good thing he can afford a good lawyer!

Do you think Nolan will be released from jail? Weigh in below! Also, note to The Ghost of Declan: please tell The Ghost of Padma how much we hate her.

05.23.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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