Grey’s Anatomy Will Revisit Arizona’s Miscarriage, Shonda Rhimes Says
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Will Revisit Arizona’s Miscarriage, Shonda Rhimes Says

Remember the time on Grey’s Anatomy when Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) weren’t living in the same apartment or being adorable and actually refused to speak to each other and when they did it was a total disaster? We do… unfortunately.

So now that they’re back together again, we try not to dwell on the bad times. But we can’t ignore something that happened way back when — the two-second mention of Callie and Arizona trying to have a second kid… and Arizona’s miscarriage when they did.

And although it seems that the attempt to give Sofia a little brother or sister is all but forgotten, it’s definitely not — according to creator Shonda Rhimes, we’re going to find out more about what’s gone down.

“We don’t reveal stuff for no reason,” Shonda reminded a fan on Twitter who was itching for details. “The season’s not over.”

True that. The Grey’s world-class writing team has never been the kind to leave any rock unturned… and if there’s an opportunity to bring in the relationship drama, they’re bringing it.

So when the miscarriage does resurface, we’re hoping we get a little bit more than an extended version of the flashback we’ve already seen. In fact, our fingers are crossed that we’ll get to see Callie and Arizona decide to try again, but this time, with more success. We’d love to see Arizona take on the pregnancy this time!

And besides, who doesn’t love tiny humans? Crazy people, that’s who.

Do you think Callie and Arizona will try again to have a baby?

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