Will Big Ang Get a Breast Reduction? She Says… (VIDEO)
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Big Ang

Will Big Ang Get a Breast Reduction? She Says… (VIDEO)

Mob Wives: New Blood star Big Ang is known for being larger than life, but will that always apply to her, ahem, assets? That’s exactly what Bethenny Frankel wondered when the VH1 reality star stopped by the Bethenny show this week, and the Staten Island lady was pretty honest with her answer!

To start things off, Bethenny got right in there and became acquainted with Ang’s famed chest. “First of all, can I touch your boob, I want to understand what's going on,” she asks. The Mob Wife kindly obliges, and the women chat about their size in relation to melons, as well as whether Big Ang wears a bra (she does). “So for you, you think bigger’s better?” Bethenny questions her, prompting Ang to reply: “They’re twins .. the girls, the girls.” And she loves them? “Yes.”

From there, the two reality vets get into a discussion of plastic surgery — a natural topic of convo for “Wives,” both “Mob” and “Real.” When Bethenny asks Ang which procedures she’s had done (we’ve listed these before!), she first turns the question on her interviewer, asking “What did you get?” Ha! You can’t get anything by this sly lady.

“I didn't get plastic surgery,” the former Real Housewives of New York star replies. “I've had Botox, I don't do it regularly as you can tell but I've tried it but I didn't get plastic surgery.”

For her part, Big Ang is pretty forthcoming about her procedures: “I had a lift and an implant, a tummy tuck. What else? Oh I just had my arms done. Laser lypo.”

“Are you addicted to plastic surgery?” Bethenny asks.

“No,” Big Ang asserts. “If I was addicted I would get my neck done like I need.”

What about her breasts? Would she consider getting a reduction, the host inquires. “No ... Then I won't be Big Ang anymore. No, I'm keeping the girls.” Thank goodness!

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