Will the Girls Be Punished on Pretty Little Liars Season 2?
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Pretty Little Liars

Will the Girls Be Punished on Pretty Little Liars Season 2?

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) can’t catch a break. She’s a prime suspect in Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) murder, she was attacked and nearly killed by Ian (Ryan Merriman), and now she’s being blamed. But she’s not the only person headed for trouble. All four girls will be accused of lying when the show resumes next season.

Pretty Little Liars Showrunner Marlene King told Zap2it that when Season 2 begins, “the pretty little liars look like the biggest liars of all because they've made up this story it looks like to the media and the police about Ian because there's no body. No body, no crime. So we come back and Spencer is still a person of interest and now the pretty little liars look like possible accomplices in something she might have done.” These girls can't seem to catch a break!

You’d think the little liars could at least turn to their parents, but unfortunately not. King added, “In the premiere all the parents get together because it seems like the girls have this unhealthy obsession with trying to pin Alison's murder on Ian. Their parents get together and force them to see a therapist to deal with their issues about Alison and this unhealthy obsession with Ian.”

It must be hard that no one believes them, which is why the little liars will consider confiding in someone. King explains, “The therapist is going to play a large role in the summer season and the therapist is going to be someone they think about being honest about 'A' with.” Sounds like they're headed for more trouble...

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