Will the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode Be All Flashbacks?

Pretty Little Liars

Will the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode Be All Flashbacks?

We’re super excited about the special Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars, even though it’s still months away. Talk about the perfect excuse to dress up as your fave PLL girl!

The Halloween eppy is an extra addition to the regular PLL schedule, which means there will be 25 episodes in season two instead of just 24. An extra episode might seem like it ain’t no thing, but producers are actually busting butt to make the Halloween special happen. They’re so cramped for time that body doubles are being used for some shots! That’s right, you might think you’re looking at Shay Mitchell (Emily)'s long flowing hair, but it’ll just be some rando with a wig.

So what is PLL’s spooky Halloween episode going to be about? Producers remain hush-hush, but fan sites are buzzing about a rumored all-flashback episode. Marlene King already declared her love for the idea via Twitter, so it’s totally in the stars!

One thing’s for sure: Halloween is the perfect time for supposedly dead party girls to rise up from the grave...


Source: Hollywood Reporter, Pretty Little Liarsss

06.21.2011 / 02:47 AM EDT by Rebecca
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