America’s Next Top Model Winner Lisa D’Amato Is Pregnant
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America's Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model Winner Lisa D’Amato Is Pregnant

Make way for a smizin’ hot mama!

It's been a great couple of years for America's Next Top Model All-Stars winner Lisa D'Amato. She married Adam Friedman — who made a brief appearance to support her on All-Starslast September, and now she's pregnant! Lisa shared her sonogram with E! News, and revealed she's five months preggers with a baby boy.

Always candid, Lisa joked that the true father may be Jesus, since she and Adam used birth control but got pregnant anyway. And apparently it hasn't been the most fun experience so far. "My pregnancy has been a complete nightmare, to be honest," Lisa told E!. "I can't believe women do this on the daily! I haven't been bedridden or anything, but nausea all day everyday and only starchy fatty foods help it subside. ... My nausea has subsided a lot the last couple weeks so I feel a bit more in control but pregnancy is a bitch! Also, it seems everyone is pregnant these days. The stork is drunk! Someone needs to tell him to go to bed."

She also joked about still going to the gym so she doesn't turn into a Cinnabon and can hopefully be a MILF a month after birth. She's still Lisa! She's going to be a fun mom. A crazy mom, but a fun, memorable one. That little boy is in for a wild ride.

Congrats to the growing family! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy...

Source: E! News