Bachelor “Winner” Nikki Ferrell Slams Haters: “Be Ashamed of Yourselves”
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Bachelor “Winner” Nikki Ferrell Slams Haters: “Be Ashamed of Yourselves”

No one will blame you if you had to watch last night’s cringeworthy “After the Final Rose” special through your fingers, since the awkward moments just wouldn’t stop. However, if you have something negative to say about Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell’s relationship (and uh, how could you not?), the couple doesn’t want to hear it. (But we do! That’s what our comments sections are for — unbridled passions!)

Nikki stayed relatively quiet during the AFTR and allowed Juan Pablo to do most of the talking, as he let us know that the couple who met on an ABC reality show, mind you is all about privacy. Sure, makes sense. Now, Nikki has a strong message for anyone who’s criticized them.

“Being in the public eye does NOT give you the right to say what you want to me,” Nikki tweeted on March 10. “Your words hurt no matter what. Be ashamed of yourselves.” Then, after Molly Mesnick tweeted at Nikki that she and Jason are supporting her, Nikki thanked them. “There is a lot of good to focus on,” Nikki added to Molly.

First of all, is there a lot of good to focus on? If you say so, Nikki. And it’s hard to know exactly which “words” Nikki is hurt by. Is she referring to everyone on Twitter who has criticized the way Juan Pablo has behaved? Because that would be a lot of people. Like, a lot.

But in all seriousness, we’re sad that Nikki is hurting, and if she thinks that working things out with Juan Pablo is the right move, then we support her and wish them the best. Perhaps we’re all wrong, and their relationship is going to be “OK.” For her sake, if not his, we hope so.

What do you think of Nikki’s message? And do you think she’s making a good decision by trying to work things out with Juan Pablo? Don’t be shy in our comments section!

Source: Nikki on Twitter