Winter Olympics Sochi: How Much Have the Games Cost Russia?
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Winter Olympics Sochi: How Much Have the Games Cost Russia?

Hosting the Olympics is a great honor for any country, and the influx of visitors can often bring in a lot of money to the local economy — but not without a little investment upfront. In fact, despite complaints about yellow water (and surveillance cameras) in the showers, the Russian government has spent so much money on infrastructure for the Winter Olympics that 2014’s Games are being touted as the most expensive in history!

But exactly how much money has Russia spent to pave the way for this year’s Olympians and sports fans? We asked Viggle LIVE! users to wager a guess while they watched their favorite athletes take to the slopes and ice. Turns out, these sports fans are pretty up on their news, because most — more than 76 percent — correctly guessed that the bottom line on Russia’s bill was a staggering $50 million.

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An additional 19 percent guessed the more reasonable (but still way steep) price of $20 million, while the remaining 5 percent picking $12 billion. That last figure was the estimated cost of infrastructure improvements, meaning the final price tag was more than four times what was expected. That’s gotta hurt almost as much as Sarka Pancochova’s helmet-splitting slopestyle crash!

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02.10.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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