Ravenswood Winter Premiere Synopsis Revealed! What Happens in “Revival”?
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Ravenswood Winter Premiere Synopsis Revealed! What Happens in “Revival”?

During the first five episodes of new ABC Family show Ravenswood, Caleb Rivers and Miranda Collins arrived in town, Miranda died because of a mysterious curse, and they’ve had to work together with three strangers to try and figure out what the heck is happening. So, it goes without saying that when Ravenswood returns for Season 1, Episode 6 “Revival” on Tuesday, January 7, it’s not going to be all rainbows and snack time in the creepy town.

In fact, it seems that Caleb has left — but just to stop by Rosewood for an episode of Pretty Little Liars and hang with girlfriend Hanna (remember her? We’re worried sometimes that Caleb doesn’t). In the newly released synopsis for the winter premiere of our new favorite show, it seems that Caleb has a lot to think about — including that time he died in the midseason finale, and then came back to life thanks to Miranda’s urgings.

Plus, Remy Beaumont — who is totally the brains behind this operation, let’s face it — continues to have some truly terrifying dreams. But instead of ignoring them, or drinking heavily, like we might do, she realizes that they “may be the best clue they have” for understanding the deal behind the Five Pact. Unfortunately for her, people aren’t really allowed to just sleep peacefully in Ravenswood, and so she faces a demon of some sort that won’t let her wake up. Yikes.

As for our kinda-dead friend Miranda, well, she’s got her eye on Mrs. Grunwald, and it seems that she’s not the only one. Check out the full synopsis for all the details on the next episode:

Fresh off his trip to Rosewood, Caleb struggles to deal with the aftermath of his brief time with Miranda on the other side. Remy realizes her dreams may be the best clue they have into understanding the pact, but she unwittingly attracts something that is determined to make sure Remy doesn’t wake up. And Miranda decides to haunt Mrs. Grunwald for answers but discovers Grunwald may have a ghostly friend of her own.

Meanwhile, Luke and Olivia are unnerved by Collins’s increasing attention towards their mother, and Olivia makes a major decision about Dillon, without realizing his true motivations.

Tune in to watch how it plays out on January 7, 2014, right after the Pretty Little Liars winter premiere at 8 p.m. ET/PT!

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