Woman Could Lose Custody of Kids Because She Had an Abortion
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Woman Could Lose Custody of Kids Because She Had an Abortion

In today's completely WTF-inducing news, a New York mom risks losing custody of her kids due to the fact that she had an abortion.

Thirty-eight-year-old mother Lisa Mehos was initially granted custody of her two children after divorcing her husband Manuel John Mehos — but things changed after Manuel was charged with battery. Not only does he claim that his wife's injuries are from Botox injections (because we all know that Botox leads to fractured fingers…), he also claims that Lisa's decision to have an abortion one year after their divorce makes her an unfit parent.

Manuel Mehos's lawyer has argued that Lisa's decision flies in the face of her Catholicism, as well as her claim that she hasn't had men over to her house. But why is this relevant to Lisa's relationship with her children? Apparently, her husband and his lawyers say that Lisa is traumatized her her abortion (who knew they could read her mind?!), and her children shouldn't be exposed to that trauma.

Oh, and while Lisa's abortion is being considered in this nasty custody battle, her husband's habit of visiting massage parlors and paying for sex is not. Talk about a double standard!

“The court jumped at the chance to use the stigma of abortion to openly scorn, interrogate, and question my ability to be a worthy parent,” Lisa told Salon.

Meanwhile, Lisa's lawyer, Emily Jane Goodman, told the court, “I think the very idea of the potential of using against a woman in a custody case the fact that she may have had an abortion sets women’s rights and the rights of choice back in a way that I can’t imagine this Court would want to be associated. Maybe it would go over well in Texas, but I urge you not to give consideration to the matter of this abortion.”

Do you think Lisa's decision to have an abortion affects her ability to parent, or are you aghast that such a personal choice could make or break her custody battle? Weigh in below.

Source: Salon

10.18.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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