Woman Accidentally Runs Herself Over Three Times With Her Own Car
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Woman Accidentally Runs Herself Over Three Times With Her Own Car

In a bizarre accident reported in the Daily Mail, a woman was seriously injured after she was run over three times by her own car while completing her newspaper delivery route.

It seems the woman was performing her daily paper delivery in the town of Trois-Rivieres, Canada, earlier this week when she says her vehicle automatically slipped into reverse as she got out of it. The car lurched backwards and the open car door knocked the woman under the wheels.

The unnamed woman attempted to right herself and tried to get back into the still-moving car in order to stop it, when she stumbled and was then run over for a second time. A third attempt to get back into the car resulted in the already-injured driver being pulled under the car for a third, and thankfully, final time.

Alarmed residents of Trois Rivieres were woken by the woman’s terrified screams for help as the car repeatedly struck her. Alerted by the cries, they rushed outside to drag her to safety. With their help she was able to limp to a nearby house to await medical attention. Until the police arrived on the scene, her car continued to move in an ever-widening circle.

It’s believed that the woman, who was delivering the French-language newspaper Le Nouvelliste at the time of the accident, confused the 'park' and 'reverse' settings on her gear box as she got out of the car. Because she left the engine running, her car continued to move until police were able to stop it.

The injured woman was taken to hospital to be treated for a serious leg injury. We’re glad that she seems to be okay and wish her a speedy recovery. But we’re also thankful she’ll probably be off the streets for a while!

Source: Daily Mail

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05.24.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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