Woman Banned From Public Pool For Dressing Like a Mermaid (VIDEO)
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Woman Banned From Public Pool For Dressing Like a Mermaid (VIDEO)

At Wetpaint Moms, we try to bring you the news, and some of our, let’s say, more colorful stories often hail from Florida. That’s why we were surprised when we heard about this story of this woman getting banned from two public pools, simply for letting her inner mermaid out.

Jenni Conti, who goes by the mermaid name “Eden Sirene,” lives in Fishhawk, Florida. She likes to dress up in her mermaid suit (right, like you don’t) and hang out at the public pool. Or she used to, until she was banned from doing so.

According to Fox 13 News, the Board of the Community Development District, which oversees Fishhawk’s public pools, say that they are banning Jenni because her silicon mermaid costume, of which she is justifiably very proud, violates their strict “no-fin” policy.

While the Board members do admit to loving Jenni’s spirit, they say that the banning the costume is a safety issue. The Board did inform Jenni that they would allow her to swim in costume if she booked a "special event," but sadly, the event schedule is full for the season.

Begging to differ with the board, Jenni told the Bloomingdale Patch, "Inside the water [the tail] is weightless and it becomes a part of my body. It would not fly off like a kickboard, or swim fin or flipper would," adding, "It would not hurt. It's very flexible, it flops around."

Despite the district's rules, Jenni has made quite a splash in her community. She informed Patch that a supporter started a Facebook community page, "Eden Sirene - The Fishhawk Mermaid," which at this writing has over 550 likes. Neighbor Bob Abruzzesetold Fox 13, "I'm a 48-year-old man and I get a big smile on my face seeing her swim."

Jenni added that many parents have invited “Eden Sirene” to swim in their private pools with their children. We see a big future for you in children's parties, Eden — flip that tail!

Source: Fox 13 News, Bloomingdale Patch, Facebook

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07.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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